Genuine preschool life experiences connect your child to Tessy & Tab as friends, and to the world of reading on their own. Your child’s familiarity with Tessy & Tab, and the things that they do, is enhanced by the consistency of our books over many stories. The result is self-initiated learning. Because the Tessy & Tab experience is fun, your child will be naturally drawn to reading these books over and over.


 (IMAGE of kids exploring the books page and pointing)


Every Tessy & Tab book has 16 pages including the cover, 10 story pages and 5 activity pages.


The cover introduces each new adventure.


(IMAGE for cover)


The 10-page story follows a narrative arc, with a beginning, lots of action, a climax in the middle and an ending. Every story page has three different types of decoding clues built in to make it fun and easy for your child to build sight word inventory and to feel they can try to sound words out.


(IMAGE with all 10 story pages)


Every book also include 5 activity pages that encourage you to talk more about the story, learn new decoding and sounding out tricks and even includes early math skills for those kids that are ready. All of these activities are designed specifically to help your child build early literacy and math skills.


(IMAGE with all 5 activity pages)

(IMAGE of kids doing mini math) 


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