Over the years, we've heard from many of our happy customers. Read along to see what they are saying! If you would like to post a testimonial or a photo, email it to us!


"My girls Abby and Emily are currently 18 & 15 years old and started their literary journey with Tessy and Tab! The joy they experienced on receiving up a new book was priceless. As a parent it was wonderful to sit down and have quality time with the girls. They loved the stories, and also loved the "find it" page which allowed them to go back over the book page by page to search for all the items. We have saved our Tessy and Tabs as they want to save them for their kids. Through out the years we have given Tessy & Tab as a gift to various new readers. My girls still love reading especially my youngest, who used to sleep with T&T's under her pillow."
Lucia Osborn, Geyserville CA

"Adèle likes to get her Tessy & Tab books out to play with — and she has had them for almost two years. She loves these books. Her sister Amelie is two years older and started with the books. Amelie used to read them to Adèle, and now Adèle likes to read them all by herself. Tessy & Tab have been great for our family."
Helena & Ted, San Francisco, CA

"My son Baltazar was very happy when he received his Tessy & Tab books. It was his first approach to English and he learned quite a lot. Having such a big collection of books made him feel like an accomplished reader. We really enjoyed being close together at night while reading Tessy and Tab!"
Maria Paz, Viña del Mar, Chile



"As the father of twin girls and a boy, I can tell you without a doubt that my kids' love of reading and literary exploration was first fired by reading Tessy & Tab. I still remember my twin girls excitement at the arrival of each new book, and fighting for who would read it first. My kids learned to read with Tessy & Tab. Thank you for an amazing product."

— Mauricio, San Francisco, CA



"I want to thank you for producing Tessy and Tab. My older daughter now reads the stories to herself, thanks in part to the great foundation you helped to lay!"

— Beth, Brookline, MA



"My children have really enjoyed reading your Tessy & Tab books over the last few years! AND, I truly believe that YOUR Tessy & Tab books helped them learn how to read - thank you!"

— John, Fairfax, VA



"My oldest is starting to read them herself - it is actually the one thing that mommas have told me is that it is their kiddos favorite first thing to read."

— Sally, Bend, OR



"You should know that our oldest is on her second re-reading of all the Harry Potter books (she is 7 and in 2nd grade and started with T&T as a 2yr old!). The youngest is 5 and in kindergarten and is a solid independent reader with excellent comprehension. "

— Diane, Washington, DC



"Your books have brought so much joy to our daughter. She received the 'Florida National Readers Award' - with help from your books."

— Julie, Plantation, FL



"My granddaughter has loved the T&T books and is now reading them herself. Thanks for a great experience with them."

— Bonnie, Playa del Rey, CA