60 Books + 10 components
Library Box + Delivery Envelope
60 books + color-coded Booklist
39" x 20" Collector Poster + 60 Stickers
Delivery Envelope (durable woven nylon) + marker
Parent Handbook + Quick Start Guide
Travel Tote (durable woven nylon) + marker
Welcome Postcard for your child + shipping box
We are passionate about creating the highest quality early literacy experience possible for you to share with your child. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you would like to return The Tessy & Tab Reading Program, please contact us within 14 days of receiving our product to initiate a full refund.

The Tessy & Tab Reading Club

We will never sell or share any of your information.

Complete Boxed Set includes:

  • FREE Ground Shipping in the US
  • 60 Tessy & Tab Books
  • Sturdy Library Box
  • 39” x 18” Collector Poster
  • 60 “I Read It!” Stickers
  • Child’s Welcome Postcard
  • Durable Nylon Delivery Envelope
  • Durable Nylon Travel Tote
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Parent Handbook:
    Building Early Reading Skills
  • Parent Booklist of all 60 Books
  • Purple Marker

Every single component of the program is made in the USA, and almost everything is sourced locally from our base in Portland, Oregon. We believe in supporting small local businesses. We use only non-toxic inks and sustainable materials, for child-friendly results that parents can trust.