What's in the Box

For the Child

Every piece of the Tessy & Tab program is designed to increase motivation, promote letter-to-sound decoding and provide your child with ways to see themselves as successful readers.

The first thing you will share with your child is their bright green Welcome Postcard. The excitement begins when you tell your child that Tessy and Tab have sent a postcard to tell them they are in the club! You will read the postcard together to learn who their new friends are and that they will get a new book every day!

One at a time, you deliver 60 Tessy & Tab Books to your child, creating a reading ritual with stories and activities designed for early reading. Every book is based on a real world experience that your child will recognize. Each 16-page book is perfectly sized for little hands. Our unique stories and activities provide play-based learning.

The bright blue Delivery Envelope is soft, durable woven nylon with a bright yellow plush lining. Whether you choose to deliver the book with the daily mail, or set up a bedtime book delivery, your child's anticipation of their special envelope sets the tone for fun with books.

After the book is read, your

child gives you back

the envelope so

Tessy and Tab can send

a new book tomorrow.

The very big Collection Poster shows all 60 books to come, with Stickers to say "I Read It!" Wow. That will be your child's reaction when they unfold this poster and you hang it on a wall or door (we include little removable

adhesive squares!).

Your child will study the 60 books

in their future and you will learn

their favorites.


The bright orange zippered Travel Tote is just what your child needs to take a few books anywhere. Like all the Tessy & Tab components, this tote has a name badge

area so when they take

their books to school,

in the car or to the doctor's

office, they are easy to carry

and hard to lose.

We've created an Extras section where you can find printable activities and games, along with videos that connect with certain stories and photos with ideas from other families about how to have fun with Tessy and Tab.

For the Parent

We want to make it easy and fun for you to raise a child who loves words early. Here is what we've built into the program for you and how it works:

The first thing you will find in the box is the Quick Start Guide.
We outline the five easy steps to take on the first day: unpack and hide the books, write your child's name on all their pieces, read the Welcome Postcard with your child, deliver and read the first book, give your child their Library Box and Collection Poster.

There's a big Purple Marker for you! We don't want you to have to search for the perfect tool to write your child's name on their pieces. These markers were made for us with non-toxic ink. We chose permanent ink for its strong color and staying power, so don't give it to your child!.

Our Parent Handbook is for when you have a quiet moment to learn about our philosophy. Our approach – start early, make it fun, let them try – is quite

different from others.

We share how our decades

of experience with

thousands of families

brought us here, and

how you and your family

can get the most out of

our program.

We made a color-coded Booklist for you. One of your favorite jobs may be choosing which book to give to your child each day! This list shows your options at a glance and makes it easy to find the book you want in your secret stash.
We've created some Video Guides that tell you more. Go to the Extra section to watch:

• What's in the box.
• What to do on your first day.
• How to read Tessy & Tab books

with your child.