A team of friends in Portland, Oregon with a passion for helping preschoolers learn to read.

For more than twenty years, we've been doing our very best to help kids love words early.

We believe that an early love of reading is one of the most powerful experiences a young child can have. Since 1989, our mission has been to create ways for kids to learn that reading is fun, and that they can do it.


We started with the simple idea that before children can read words, they can read pictures. After many years, and with the help of many thousands of preschoolers and their families, we have evolved our program to be the most accessible and fun way for your child to become an enthusiastic reader.


We believe that learning to read is one of life's first big "ah-hah" moments. Decoding your first few words, all by yourself, is a genuine thrill. The Tessy & Tab Reading Club has the clues and tools to help your child reach that moment. Part of our design is that there is no "work" for you or your child in the program. It's all about play. We engage your child's natural curiosity and allow their intuition to take them to the next level. We also make sure that with The Tessy & Tab Reading Club, you will not be a teacher, or a tester. You will be their partner in the fun.

  • Judy MacDonald Johnston
  • Rosie Augustine
  • Susan Toland
  • Shonna Lemke
  • Angelique Puccio
  • Cindy Fontenot
  • Karina Rotenstreich
  • Heather Campbell
  • Jean, Peggy and Bob MacDonald

To learn more about our company’s story, and the backgrounds of our founders, visit Blue Lake Children’s Publishing

Meet our amazing local suppliers

The Tessy & Tab Reading Club is the top quality and sustainably produced program that it is because of our dedicated manufacturing partners in Portland, Oregon. Sourcing our products close to home and working with people who we know well means that we deliver to you the highest quality product on every level.

We are absolutely certain of our product safety, using only non-toxic, soy-based inks in our printing. Our commitment to the environment means we choose companies that are committed to sustainable industries, and we carefully select our paper and fabrics accordingly.

Our products are designed to last for generations and they are made by companies that provide good wages and family-friendly work practices.

Dave Stoops and Mike Fletcher of Black Star Bags sewing the very first Tessy & Tab Delivery Envelopes.

Mollet Printing produces the sturdy, colorful Tessy & Tab Books, Parent Handbook and Collection Poster/Stickers. Founded in 1968 and still run by the Mollet family, Marissa Boman and Chuck Bell have been our trusted partners for 10 years. Mollet was the first printer in Portland to earn chain-of-custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and use vegetable-based inks, recycled paper and new technologies to minimize environmental impact.

Black Star Bags produces the sturdy blue Tessy & Tab Delivery Envelope and the orange Travel Tote. Dave Stoops was a bike messenger in 2006 when he was given a sewing machine and nylon fabric. He used his drafting and design skills to create his first products. Dave now has a small dedicated team that produces handmade messenger bags, back packs and lots of customized one-of-a-kind pieces. His wife Rachel has a Montessori-inspired day care center.

Alliance Packaging produces the gorgeous Tessy & Tab Library Box and our nifty shipping box. Our guy at Alliance, Tim Trachtenberg is known to all as “Captain Corrugated”. Tim and his team designed the Library Box and the clever sleeve to help you remove the Library Box and books from the shipping box. Alliance is the Northwest’s largest independent corrugated box manufacturer with a reputation for producing the very best packaging locally and using sustainable forest products.

The beautiful photos of children with their Tessy & Tab books that you see here are the work of Bob Huff, the gifted Portland-based photographer. As you know, preschoolers have no script, and often no filter. They do what they want to do. Our products can capture and hold a child’s attention, but it’s a genius who makes kids comfortable enough to be themselves while being constantly photographed. Lots of people (and Bob) can get great car shots. Kids, though? Not so easy.

The non-Oregon components in The Tessy & Tab Reading Club program are made in the USA by other family-owned companies: The big purple marker was made by Liqui-Mark in Long Island, New York. The thick, white latex-free rubber bands were sourced by Lee Rubber in North Carolina and made by Alliance Rubber in Arkansas.