First, we are very proud that every single component of the program is made in the USA, and almost everything is sourced locally from our base in Portland, Oregon. We believe in supporting small local businesses. We use only non-toxic inks and sustainable materials, for child-friendly results that parents can trust. 


And we are so confident that you and your child will love our program that we are happy to offer a Money Back Guarantee. 



60 Tessy & Tab Books 

Every book is based on a real world experience that your child will recognize. Each 16-page book is perfectly sized for little hands. Our unique stories and activities provide play-based learning. We also include a color-coded Booklist for parents. One of your favorite jobs may be choosing which book to give to your child each day! This list shows your options at a glance and makes it easy to find the book you want in your secret stash. Learn more and see inside sample books here.  


Sturdy Library Box

We’ve thought of everything! Use this sturdy Library Box to organize and store all 60 books.


Durable Nylon Delivery Envelope

The bright blue Delivery Envelope is soft, durable woven nylon with a bright yellow plush lining. Whether you choose to deliver the book with the daily mail, or set up a bedtime book delivery, your child's anticipation of their special envelope sets the tone for fun with books.


Durable Nylon Travel Tote

The bright orange zippered Travel Tote is just what your child needs to take a few books anywhere. Like all the Tessy & Tab components, this tote has a name badge area so when they take their books to school, in the car or to the doctor's office, they are easy to carry and hard to lose.


Welcome Postcard and Purple Marker

Use the Welcome Postcard to introduce Tessy & Tab to your child. We’ve also included the perfect marker to personalize all their Tessy & Tab gear with their name in big, bold letters!



Poster, Stickers, Quick Start, Parent Guide


Collector Poster and 60 Stickers

Our 39” x 18” Tessy & Tab collection poster shows all 60 books and includes a place to put the “I Read It!” stickers. Your child will love studying the poster to see what new adventures they will have with Tessy & Tab.


Quick Start Guide and Parent Handbook

The first thing you will find in the box is the Quick Start Guide where we outline the five easy steps to take on the first day. When you have more time, our Parent Handbook will explain in more detail how our approach to building early literacy skills is different from any other available programs and why it really works.