The unique balance of information-rich illustration with a single sentence of real language is why the Tessy & Tab books work with children between the ages of 2 and 7. 

Having a greater ratio of picture to text means that there is at least as much information to be gathered from the pictures as from the words and that helps at every phase of learning to read. Very young children will "read" the pictures and begin to understand the connections between the pictures and the words. As they get older, they will learn to connect letters to sounds. When a child is able to sound out words then the detailed pictures once again become a key to their success.

It's simple. It works.   

Motivation and Reading Rituals

We have gathered the best practices in building independent reading skills, and developed the perfect books and tools to guide your child from reading pictures to reading words and sentences. Our program is all about play. The foundation of learning to read is the motivation to interact with books and printed words. Here are some of the ways The Tessy & Tab Reading Club will spark your child’s enthusiasm:


1: Getting set up.

First all, be sure to open up the Tessy & Tab box when your child is not around. There’s lots of stuff but don’t worry, we’ve provided a Quick Start guide with detailed information on setting everything up and introducing your child to Tessy & Tab Reading Program. It’s easy and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.


2: You’ve Got Mail!

By delivering a new book in the “mail” every day using the personalized and reusable envelope you will be creating a ritual that builds your child’s anticipation around reading books. Kids love getting mail and they look forward to finding out what new story they will get today!


3: Time to read!

Let your child be the guide. Whether your 2 year old is “reading” the pictures or your 5 year old is ready to sound out words, the Parent Handbook will guide you through the best ways to engage your child through these important phases of learning to read.


4: Staying motivated (and organized!).

After finishing a book let your child put a sticker on their poster and ask them what stories they hope to get soon. Tessy & Tab stories are based on genuine preschool experiences so they will relate to the stories and learn new things. As a parent, you might want to pick a book that is relevant to what’s happening in your child’s life like starting a new school or going to the dentist. It’s up to you and your child to decide what’s best. Plus, we’ve made it easy to keep all their Tessy & Tab books organized in the handy bookshelf provided.


5: On the go!

One of the best things about Tessy & Tab is how portable and durable they are. We’ve even included a special travel pouch so your child can bring his or her favorite books wherever you go! Whether you are in the car, on the plane or in the doctor’s waiting room, your child will love having Tessy & Tab with them to read on their own. They will also want to show them to their friends and family.