What's in the Box?

Everything you need to start your child on a fun path to early reading.

Each piece of our program has a purpose for your child.

Your role as a parent is simple and satisfying.

For the Child

  • 60 preschool-perfect 16-page Tessy & Tab Books
  • Sturdy and lightweight Library Box
  • Child's green Welcome Postcard
  • Durable nylon blue Delivery Envelope
  • Durable nylon orange Travel Tote
  • 39" x 18" Collector Poster with 60 "I Read It!" stickers

LOOK INSIDE The Tessy & Tab books

For the Parent

  • QuickStart Guide for your first day
  • Parent Handbook to Building Early Reading Skills
  • Booklist of all 60 books with both numerical and alphabetical order
  • Purple marker for writing your child's name on all of their Tessy & Tab supplies