Building Skills and Character

You've heard that non-cognitive social skills can be your child's key to having a happy future and succeeding in the endeavors they choose to undertake. Tessy & Tab stories demonstrate and celebrate these character traits.

Resilience, adaptability, collaboration…

along with curiosity, perseverance, caring, and self-control are built into the narratives of the Tessy & Tab books. Children learn by example. Their friends Tessy and Tab can show the way. Things don't always go according to plan for Tessy and Tab. Sometimes things break. Sometimes they lose the game. Tessy and Tab show your child that it's all OK. You can apologize if you were mean. You can help someone who is having trouble. You can try again. And again.

General knowledge is the key to cultural literacy…

and it starts with you. Your child wants to know how the world works. From "Is cheese always orange?" to "What does extinction mean?", your child has a million questions. Knowledge gathering comes from your conversations with them. All of this background information is the key to their future fluency in reading because it supplies essential information that will not always be found in the text.

Learning through genuine life experiences.

Tessy and Tab have no super powers, and they won't be flying to the moon. Your child's newest friends are leading the exact same sort of life as your child. That is both comforting and exciting. What if you have heard about mini golf, but have not yet been able to try it? Tessy and Tab can show you how it's done. And then, you're in the know.

You will find a lot to talk about in every Tessy & Tab book. If Tessy and Tab are having an experience that your child has not yet had, that's even better!

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