The Natural Starting Point

We believe that the natural time for a child to begin to acquire the written language is just after the child has mastered the spoken language.

A child's brain is configured to decode the world around them through observation, trial, and positive feedback when they progress. That's how children learn to speak. When a child decodes the sounds that people make, and figures out their first words, it brings them (and everyone involved in the experience) joy and satisfaction. This motivates the child to keep decoding, to learn more words. They learn because they want to learn, and because the learning is fun.

It's the perfect cycle.

The process for learning to read is similar, with one significant difference: Reading involves the additional step of decoding symbols into the sounds they represent. If we give a child tools that make the decoding process more logical, their satisfaction will be increased, and their progress will be self-motivated.

Our aim is to help make the process of learning to read as positive, and natural, as learning to talk. We believe that the earlier a child is given clues to master the sound-it-out phase, the more likely it is that he or she will become a strong independent reader.

It is equally important that the experience of learning to read is fun. That's what we do at The Tessy & Tab Reading Club.

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